12 Unplugged Destinations for an Epic Digital-Detox Vacay

The DEN on Well+Good

“Is it really any wonder that people are using their precious PTO to unplug on analog vacations when you hear that the average traveler spends nine hours on social media over the course of a one-week getaway? No matter how much you love Insta, this statistic is bound to be somewhat startling. After all, you may “heart” your friend’s leafy-green salad, but you probably don’t “heart” it more than you would, say, an IRL sloth sighting, right?

So, if you find yourself sitting at your desk right now dreaming about a destination digital detox or dreamy retreat, let me give you some inspo to fill out your fantasy. The following 12 resorts, private islands, weeks-long adventures, and more are taking a chance on offering the rare possibility of an unforgettable (if, occasionally, un-photographed) off-the-grid experience…”

The DEN on Well+Good

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