8 Wellness Retreats to Help You Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions

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“Whether you proudly proclaimed a list of New Year’s resolutions on January 1 or simply made a mental note of intentions for the new year, it takes time to create real lifestyle changes. That’s why a wellness retreat might be beneficial—it encourages you to step back from your ordinary routine and refocus on your goals.

“Going to a retreat allows us to take time to utilize our neural plasticity and make real changes in our brain. We can create traits that we choose for our lives such as acceptance, peace, wisdom, and self-compassion,” explains Heather Prete, a UCLA- certified mindfulness facilitator, self-compassion teacher, mindfulness in recovery coach, and teacher at The DEN Meditation. “We deserve to take time for ourselves and dedicate several days to develop the well-being that is our birthright…”

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