Working Through Stress with Meditation

Dealing with stress as a hard working professional can be difficult. Whether we’re struggling to find a balance between work and family or feeling like we’re lacking leadership skills, people around the world are trying to find new ways to cope. If you find yourself in this position, look no further! Meditation – and a growing practice called Mindfulness – are helping to build stronger minds and stronger leaders! CEOs and corporate teams around the nation are both teaching and practicing meditation to “build resilience, boost emotional intelligence, enhance creativity, improve relationships, and find focus.”

Johann Berlin, CEO of the TLEX Institute, brings mindfulness to the workplace as he trains groups of employees in the art of meditation.  According to a recent study, “meditation sharpens skills like attention, memory, and emotional intelligence” which can lead to a significant improvement in attentiveness at work! By helping to decrease anxiety, meditation allows us to spend more time producing and less time worrying.

Founder and CEO of VASTRM fashion, Jonathan Tang calls meditation, “an outlet for peace.” Sometimes 20 minutes of is all we need (even if we don’t know it yet!). Sitting with work colleagues and friends in a silent space can boost morale and internal relations as calm and focused employees leads to an overall more productive work environment.

The Den meditation fosters connection to others through meditation (presented in a variety of forms)! With the help of our highly-skilled meditation and mindfulness instructors, our DENizens have the opportunity to get re-energized before diving head first into a busy work-week! Invest in work by investing in yourself.


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