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How EVERYONE Can Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day

Heather Prete

Valentine’s Day can bring up a host of feelings: for some, it is a joyous celebration, and for others, it can bring up feelings of loneliness and even pressure; for some it can be a day of abundance and love, and for others, it can produce feelings of sadness or disappointment

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The DEN Meditation Kids Series

The DEN Meditation

As a parent of a child that will grow up with limitless distractions coming at them from every angle, we can use meditation for kids as a way of counteracting some of the negative effects of our very busy culture.

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Spring Reset Meditation Challenge

Haley Melikian

Making a commitment to show up each day for your practice for three weeks straight has the potential to set you on a new path entirely. The 21-Day Meditation Challenge can be seen as an opportunity to experience the many offerings at The DEN and try something new!

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