Chandresh Bhardwaj Breaks the Norms at The DEN.

Thursday, January 14 was an enlightening night at The DEN as we celebrated our dear friend and mentor, Chandresh Bhardwaj, and the launch of his book, “Break the Norms”. He led the group in a deep meditation focused on the balancing of our chakras and the development of our truest selves. Chandresh graciously took the time to sign books and speak with everyone individually, allowing the community to forge new and lasting relationships. The memorable event filled our space with the kind of loving energy that can only be created by “shining, resilient, [and] infinitely intelligent souls.” The “Break the Norms” movement pioneered by Chandresh encourages us to question our routines and find what will best support us in discovering the “free soul” found within our hearts. Our deepest passions can sometimes be tucked away due to hectic schedules and disorder, but choosing to “break the norms” is a lifestyle choice that lets us reprioritize and take control. Thank you, Chandresh, for inspiring us to reevaluate our priorities and choose honesty over compromise.

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