Co-Mindfulness and its Team-Building Effects at Work

Fast Company‘s Kate Davis and Jill Bernstein discuss the positive effects of meditation in the workplace. Ms. Davis had the wonderful opportunity to shadow designer Eileen Fisher in her office to observe just how beneficial the practices of mindfulness and meditation can be in a team-oriented environment. She describes their morning meditation as “a beautiful, serene experience,” as they start the session with a gong and moment of silence. In doing so, the members of the team become better suited to be present with the people they work with.

Dealing with work-related stress is unavoidable, and while meditation cannot make your life stress-free, it “puts you in a better framework of mind to deal with that stress,” says Davis. Corporate meditation and mindfulness at work allow for an open line of communication between all employees and executives. By practicing “co-mindfulness,” people are able to listen to hear as opposed to listen to respond. “Co-mindfulness” – in Eileen Fisher’s world – means that everyone has to listen to the person speaking for 2 minutes without interrupting. This allows for a forum of clear communication and is something that “everybody should do in all of their meetings,” according to Davis. The team mentality is not something that can be easily formed, and the morning practice of group meditation can assist in that formation.

Want to make your workplace mindful? Call The DEN meditation or find us online to create a custom session for your company. The application of mindfulness at work makes for better co-workers and a happier environment.


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