With more than 30 years of combined corporate experience, the DEN Corporate team understands what it’s like to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. As a result of this, we know firsthand how hard it is to take time out of your day. We know exactly who your employees are, as we were them too. Therefore our professional corporate team can effortlessly incorporate the realm of mindful introspection and wellness into your company in a way that will work for you. We will tailor and create the perfect program for you!

Meditation Los Angeles | Meditation Classes Los Angeles


Workshops & Seminars
On-site Sessions
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Meditation Los Angeles | Meditation Classes Los Angeles


Increase Employee Productivity
Build Resiliency and Decrease Anxiety
Improve Focus and Concentration
Boost Emotional Intelligence and Contentment
Reduce Healthcare Cost
Improve Communication Skills



  • We know every organization is different and we know that the challenges you face as a team are unique. Are you looking for something special? Do you have an idea that can really help your company and need help implementing your wellness plan? Send us a note and our team will happily customize a solution unique to your business.

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  • “Not only am I producing better outcomes, but I’m accomplishing things in less time. I’m finding that I am able to take ownership yet not in an all-consuming way.”

     – SHAN F., Political Consultant

  • “There are often times many things require my attention with multiple files at any given moment, not to mention bringing in new deals, all of which require a good amount of focus, presence, patience and well, as I’ve learned recently from meditation…mindfulness awareness.”

    – TONY S., Real Estate Loan Manager

  • “Since practicing Mindfulness, my productivity and relationships have improved…and my happiness has grown. It’s been exciting to watch subtle shifts in the way I approach my work, situations, others and myself.”

    – STACY T., Small Business Owner

  • “Meditation and learning at The DEN has made me more comfortable with my own stress and anxieties. The different processes and tools I’m learning have helped me to manage some of the day to day challenges that we all face.”

    – JEFF E., Writer

  • “In my career, meditation brings clarity and space in my head to respond to business issues instead of react. I’m able to have laser like focus. Less ego driven. I’m less tired at the end of the day. I get more work done in less time.”

    – BRYAN B., Entertainment Attorney