Crystal Charging with the Full Moon

Crystals are called the “Wisdom Keepers of the Earth” as they store, emit and translate information. Latest research has show that data can be stored in clear quartz crystals for up to 3 million years, which is one of the reasons why crystals are used in modern technology, radio frequencies and medical devices. They are called the “Wisdom Keepers” as they have been growing inside the Earth’s body throughout the ages, before either being mined or growing above ground and all the while they have been storing and holding on to information from the evolution of the Earth and her inhabitants. When we meditate with crystals we are able to to energetically tune in to the frequency and information that they crystal is emitting. Just like a tuning fork will pick up resonance, our bodies will pick up and begin to attune to the frequency of the crystals. Crystals are also picking up frequency and information, and because of this, need to be cleansed and charged from time to time.

The more that we work with crystals, in meditation, personal practice or home use, we need to make sure that we are properly taking care and cleansing and charging our stones. There are several ways to cleanse and charge stones, and as with everything, intention is of utmost importance. Take a moment to connect to your breath and set the intention to cleanse your stones of any energy that is not yours or is not of the highest vibration. Generally speaking, it is optimal to cleanse and charge your crystals when you first purchase or receive them, as you are the new caretaker and will want to charge fresh with your energetic imprint. Once you begin to work with your stones more, you might start to notice that they feel heavy, dull or even begin to look murky. This is a clear indication that they are in need of a good cleansing and recharge. Think of it like an energetic bath.

Methods of Cleansing:

  • Burning Palo Santo
  • Burning Sage Leaf
  • Ocean Water Bath
  • Running Water
  • Spritz of Rose Water
  • Full Moon Bath
  • Burying in the Earth
  • Chimes, Tuning Forks or Sound Bowls

Cleansing + Charging with the Full Moon

A great way to both cleanse and charge your stones is by placing them under the moonlight of a Full Moon. Start by clearing with sage or running them briefly under running water with the intention of cleansing any heavy energy or energy that is not yours. If you are able to place your stones in a safe location outdoors, bring them out and lay them under the light of the Full Moon for a complete Moon Bath. This allows them to charge with the light of the Moon, amplifying their energy and metaphysical healing properties. Depending on the stone, you may also leave outside the next day, for a full cycle charge, Full Moon and Sun, to have the Yin/Yang, Solar/Lunar energy charge to your crystals.

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  1. Amanda
    5 hours ago

    I’m looking for information about WHY we charge Crystals under the Moon. I understand the ritualised component but what exactly are we garnering from Full Moon energy that so ‘positively’ affects the Crystals? I get that the Sun invigorates but what does the Moon actually offer that can be somewhat proven?
    Thanks, Amanda

    1. Dominic
      4 hours ago

      The full moon along with your intentions pull the the excess energy from the stones and out into the universe where it dissipates. Your crystals are left rejuvenated, restored and recharged. In many instances they will be found more powerful and potent than ever before.


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