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Tal Rabinowitz, The DEN Meditation Founder

Tal Rabinowitz, Founder

Tal Rabinowitz, a former entertainment industry executive knows a thing or two about the importance of maintaining perspective, finding clarity, and staying true to one’s heart when it comes to handling a chaotic life.

A casual course in meditation at her past employer, would make such an impact on her both personally and professionally that she went on implement a 20-minutes-a-day group meditation practice with some of her team. The overwhelmingly positive effects that developed for everyone cemented meditation as a central part of Tal’s life, and from there the idea of the idea of The DEN came to life: A comfortable, no-pressure environment with easy, accessible instruction to help both new and veteran meditators alike enjoy a beneficial, consistent meditation practice.

Meredith Cohen, The DEN Meditation District Manager

Meredith Cohen, District Manager

Originally from Indianapolis, Meredith spent the past 7 years on the east coast before moving to California in July 2016. She studied nonfiction writing and photography at Emerson College (Boston), followed by 3 years working as a project manager and event producer at Tribeca Film Festival (New York City). She started meditating during restorative yoga and Urban Zen classes with UZ Master Kirtan Smith in 2014, and keeps an almost daily meditation practice today. She recently assisted Heather Prete’s UCLA MAPS 1 mindfulness course, and hopes to build more holistic healing experience with trainings, retreats and doTerra essential oils consulting.


  • Former dancer
  • Makeup and skincare-obsessed
  • Pisces/Aries cusp, Virgo Rising, Moon in Gemini

Shannon Estabrook, The DEN Meditation Studio Manager

Shannon Estabrook, Assistant Manager

“Growing up near Lake Tahoe in Truckee, CA definitely set me up to be a naturally meditative person. I remember taking my little Fisher Price tape player to the creek, listening to my mom’s “Indian Summer” tape and meditating even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called. When I moved to LA 8 years ago, I discovered the power of the “Group Mind”, or the Collective Consciousness, through improv class. That was the beginning of my study of the metaphysical and deeper sciences of the interconnectivity of our atoms. I mean, how fascinating that an atom from a dinosaur might be in the tip of my nose! My journey down this path has allowed me to add the practice of regular meditation and yoga to become in-tune with body, which nourishes my soul. I’m honored to be surrounded by such a conscious community and look forward to connecting with kindred spirits around the world! Sat Nam.”


  • Took 3 years of Stage Combat, studying hand-to-hand, rapier and dagger, broadsword, and stunt falls from 13ft
  • David Bowie is her spirit animal
  • Loves going to punk/metal shows on the weekend

Laurasia Lunar, The DEN Meditation Manager Of Events And Brand Relations

Laurasia Mattingly, Manager Of Events And Brand Relations

Laurasia is currently training to be a DEN certified (400-hour 2017) meditation instructor. She is presently certified in Reiki, tantra and life coaching. After years of exploring her own spirituality, Laurasia is passionate about guiding and reminding others that we are never too far from our true nature. With a background in communications and human social development, she has come to realize that we can feel constant and dynamic vibrations from the universe. We connect. We align with life. Laurasia’s guided meditation techniques include manifestation, mindfulness, reiki, and crystal healing. Laurasia has also led a meditation at Lightning In A Bottle Festival and taught classes for Underground Society. She has collaborated on events with Prevail Boxing, iamVIBES, MyIntent, The Standard Hotel, and Teeki yogawear all while being Manager of Events and Brand Relations here at The DEN Meditation, having been a part of the team since March 2016. The DEN is her home away from home.


  • Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, Capricorn Rising
  • Could eat sushi for every meal
  • Loves being left- handed

Bec Hollcraft, The DEN Meditation Studio Assistant

Bec Hollcraft, Studio Assistant

Guided meditation helped Bec take control of her life in a way that she never imagined possible. She’s so grateful to be part of the team at The DEN Meditation to continue her practice every day! When she’s not working at the front desk, you’ll find Bec walking her dog clients, writing songs in the studio, or teaching her vocal students all about the art of singing. Please come say hi, she loves meeting all of our meditators!


  • Vegan
  • Obsessed with ladybugs and bats (nickname is Ladybat)
  • Lead singer of a fantasy themed band

Maddy Kostman, The DEN Meditation Studio Assistant

Maddy Kostman, Studio Assistant

Maddy is an LA native, who attended Bennington College in Vermont where she majored in acting and psychology. She also studied theatre in Russia at the Moscow Art Theatre School, and the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts. She feels so blessed to be a part of The DEN family! When she’s not at The DEN you’ll find her teaching acting, meditation/yoga, and art at Fairburn Elementary, auditioning for various film/tv/theatre projects, doing improv, meditating/doing yoga, or hanging out with her lovely friends and family.


  • Hates chocolate, but lives on cheese
  • Has 2 cats and a dog that she considers family
  • Would love to have the career of Tina Fey (please and thank you)

Katelyn Pascavis, The DEN Meditation Studio Assistant

Katelyn Pascavis, Studio Assistant

Katelyn is a Chicago native, but has spent a majority of her life moving and traveling around the globe. She graduated from University of Miami in 2008, having studied finance, marketing, and business law. While in school she worked as a model, and decided after graduation to use that as an opportunity to continue to travel and see the world. After a long career as a model and living out of suitcases, she has settled into life in Los Angeles. As a long time yogi and lover of all things zen, California has proven itself the perfect place for escaping into nature and adventuring with her maltipoo Mishka. She sees The DEN as her home away from home, and has enjoyed the opportunity to become part of such a warm community and delve deeper into her meditation practice. Katelyn spends her free time building furniture and doing arts & crafts at home, which she documents with a friend for their blog, Model Cityzens.


  • Gemini sun, Libra moon, Capricorn rising
  • Loves playing with power tools and refurbishing discarded furniture
  • Can pick up small objects with her chin.

Gretchen Heieck, The DEN Meditation Studio Assistant

Gretchen Heieck, Studio Assistant

Gretchen Heieck grew up in Colorado and moved to Los Angeles two years ago to pursue a life-long dream of working in film. Gretchen was introduced to meditation after she left her job at a large corporation, and credits meditation for completely transforming her life and helping her to be more courageous, centered and compassionate. She is currently working full-time at DreamWorks, writing, and most recently: studio assistant at The DEN where she loves connecting with the practice and being a part of this mindful community.


  • Lived in New York for five years
  • Has the markings of a shaman, according to a CIA hand-analysis expert