Distinguishing Sound from Noise: The Sound Bath Meditation Experience

Everyone loves a good bath. The feelings of warmth, serenity, and relaxation from a bath are profound. But what about a Sound Bath? Offering many of the same effects, a meditation Sound Bath is just what it sounds like — a tranquil experience that engulfs you in sound and vibrations. While lying in Shavasana or sitting in a chair (whichever is most comfortable), vibrations of gongs and gemstone bowls resonate throughout the studio, clearing negative energies and aligning our minds and bodies. While in a Sound Bath, the energy fields within the body are infused with healing properties while our deeper consciousness may be more thoroughly examined. Although each teacher may approach the practice differently, the primary focus is to expand our inner energies and promote self-exploration.

If you’ve been looking for a way to separate yourself from the noise that is Los Angeles, your search is over. Join us at our Los Angeles studio for The DEN’s Sound Bath Saturday (and every other Thursday) Workshop from 6:30-7:45pm. Led by Susan Paul, renowned teacher at The DEN Meditation, our Sound Baths give the full meditative experience to newcomers and returning students.

“But what if I can’t make it on Saturdays or Thursdays?” You’re in luck! Sound Fridays have entered the building. Whether it’s quantum harmonic solo (sometimes offered with breath work), a gong emersion, or a candlelit guitar, you’ll leave feeling completely renewed. Vibrations from these instruments are intended to both heal and nurture while relaxing the body.

Our priority here at The DEN Meditation is to offer a wide array of options for sound healing and meditative experiences that fit your schedule. If you’re searching for clarity, craving a night off from the stressors that seem to surround us, or just wanting to try something new, The DEN Meditation’s Sound Bath experiences are sure to impress.

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