~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Akashic Grounding and Manifestation

It is time to plant ourselves into the fertile soil of the self and activate the creation energy that lives inside each one of us.

Through the power of the Akashic records we will anchor ourselves in this physical plane and time, establishing our divine presence on earth. We will move through the soil of our soul center, of our full humanity, and ignite our powers of manifestation. We will realize it’s through the depths of ourselves that creation begins, it’s is through us that manifestation happens, and we will remember this power is not outside of us. We will open our cells to this truth and understanding and fuel our transformation into the powerful creators we have long forgotten we are. Through this internal transformation we will begin to build the world a new.

This is a call to rise together, to step up, to announce yourself forward. Join Nia and the Akasha in our movement towards Union.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.