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Astrology: Must -Have Guide to 2019

Get your must-have guide to all the major astrological aspects of the year 2019.

If you are planning something big next year, don’t finalize anything until you take this workshop. This will be a magical mystery tour into the astrology of the year ahead and you will leave this workshop with all the tools you need to make your wishes a reality as well as when to do it. In 2018 you were pregnant with a new identity, in 2019 you give birth to a new self. Find out why 2019 has been dubbed “the year of paradoxes,” and what you can do to integrate the opposing forces presented by the heavenly bodies in the year ahead.

As we map out 2019 we will investigate:

  • Dates of Mercury retrograde
  • Full + new moons and how to work with moon magic
  • Blessed + challenging dates
  • Eclipses and other important times
  • Specific astrological aspects and how they will affect you

In the workshop, we discuss how to choose a good New Year resolution and when is a good time to start manifesting it. Don’t worry February is not too late!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.