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Basic Intuitive Healing Training


Every Other Weekend

Tap into or hone your intuitiveness to help others release blocked energies, restore balance of the chakras, and relieve the world of pain. In this three-month program, you will learn to tap into your own special gifts, which will change your life and alter your perspective in a positive way. Here are examples of the experiential classes and subjects you can expect:

  • Foundation energy tools (grounding, running energy, protection and replenishing)
  • Developing the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye & removing energy from the body and mind: How to de-energize life experiences that keep you stuck
  • Creating non-resistance & Reading Past lives
  • Manifesting & Using a Healing Guide
  • Giving Healings both Distance and in person, including Cords without picking up others’ energies & Forgiveness and Karma
  • Reading and repairing the layers of the Aura 1-7 past, present and future
  • Present Time energy, Amusement Vibration, Telepathic Channels, Using a new Healing source
  • Reading and Healing the Chakras 1-7
  • Invalidation energy & Effortlessness vibration, Deprogramming Yourself
  • Access the Akashic records & Understanding the Astral Body
  • Dreams & Traveling in the Astral
  • Decision making & “Perfect” ideas that create limits
  • Entities, Spiritual guides & Beings
  • Departed Beings & Supreme Being
  • Releasing pain, punishment and victim energy – past present and future


What is intuitive healing? Essentially it is energy work. All of the different modalities out there fall under the category of energy work and intuitive healing can be separated into two parts. Intuition and healing. The basic intuitive healing course consists of fundamental topics and experiential exercises in their most practical forms, that make up the foundations of healing and the psychic space. The intuitive reading aspect is: Exercising your intuition and using your psychic muscle to recognize information in yourself or in another. The healing aspect is: We learn to facilitate healing using the intuitive space. By the end of the program, the intuitive reading and the healing components merge together and work as one.

This basic course consist of practical energy tools to enable our most human capacity to co-create .

The program is a self healing journey for all people.

So whether you are beginning to be curious about your intuition, you want to heal past trauma, rid yourself of negative thoughts, or maybe you are a healer, a teacher, or a psychic and want to gain more seniority over your skills, develop clear boundaries, understand more, or simply grow -you will learn skills to do this and at your own pace.

This program benefits everyone as it creates life skills and strengthens self trust and clarity. It’s about how to be a human being and work with what that means on all levels. The energy tools and developmental nature of the Intuitive Healing program help us understand what it is to be human and our potential regarding living our lives on this planet. This includes our issues, families, our purpose, struggles, our body, and our potential. When you develop your intuition and do readings and healings, whether you use them on people in a practice out in life or not, it will create a space in you where you have clarity, you can manifest, you can know and work with what is going on within you and around you. That’s the purpose of this practice. You in your power loving you.


April 4 – June 13, 2020
Every Other Sat & Sun, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM



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