~ DEN Meditation DEN: Breathwork ~

Breathwork Certification: Module 1

Fundamentals, Privates, & Couples

The Breath Zone Teacher Training Module 1 covers all of the fundamentals of Breathwork plus the science behind the breath, how to prepare yourself for teaching, exercises for releasing some of your own baggage and how to teach private sessions and couples plus marketing your business.

You will learn:

  • The science behind the breath practice
  • Diving deeper into your own practice
  • Interactive exercises for letting go of your “story”
  • How to develop a priming routine
  • How to prepare for daily sessions
  • Tools to help you connect to your own truths to be a better leader/coach
  • Exercises to create an instant connection with yourself and others
  • Grounding tools for yourself and clients
  • Self-care tools for yourself and clients
  • How to create a client, couples, and teams pre-session questionnaire
  • How to find and choose evocative-music
  • How to lead a private breathwork session
  • How to lead a couples session
  • Post-session follow up
  • How to prepare for the unexpected
  • FAQ’s pre and post-session
  • Ways to market yourself to attract the right first clients
  • Create a 30 day marketing plan


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