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Breathwork Certification: Module 2

Fundamentals, Groups, Workshops, & Marketing Tools

The Breath Zone Teacher Training Module 2 will take a deeper dive into the fundamentals of Breathwork and how to design & lead groups, workshops, and retreats. Rebecca shares tools and exercises that will help elevate you as a teacher. You will have an opportunity to hold space, find your teaching voice and hands-on practice via role-playing exercises. In addition, you will learn more about the business of Breathwork and how to effectively market yourself.

You Will Learn:

  • More about the science behind the Breath practice
  • How to free space inside your own heart working with energy centers
  • Tools for SHIFTING your old beliefs and stories from a lifetime
  • How to step fully into your vision as a teacher and fulfilled human being
  • The anatomy of creating your first group class + hands-on practice
  • How to use grounding tools pre and post class
  • More marketing & branding strategies including creating your first marketing piece
  • How to hold space for larger groups
  • Breathwork exercises appropriate for kids and corporate groups etc.
  • Personal growth exercises
  • Effective ways to use music and sound to create deeper group experiences
  • How to create and deliver effective Breathwork workshops
  • The business of Breathwork i.e., creating and using waivers
  • Role playing


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.