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Compassionate Boundaries: Learning to say YES to YOURSELF

Most of us are not great at setting boundaries though we all need to say no at times. Even when we finally figure out what it is that we need, we don’t always know how to enact it, nor how to do it kindly. Sometimes getting to the place of acknowledging that we even need to set a boundary is difficult, as that voice is often covered by fear, worry, or confusion. How can we say no in a way that serves not only an external circumstance, but our internal world? Boundary setting can also have a yes! A yes to the Self, to our need for love and protection, and to facing our life with fearlessness and peace!

Join UCLA Mindfulness instructor and Self Compassion teacher Heather Prete for a transformative workshop on learning Compassionate Boundaries, in which you will be taught how to identify internal needs, learn mindful boundary settings, and the art of caring for ourselves through Self Compassion. Learn what is a flexible boundary, how we can say “no” with compassion, how do we know what we truly desire and learn to say “yes” to yourself.

This workshop will combine tools of meditation, loving speech, and finding our voice of resiliency through dharma talks and experiential learning. Questions will be welcome so each individual can develop clarity on their personal journey to this radical insight.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.