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Crystal Curious: An Intro to Stone Medicine

Join the incredible mystical, Colleen McCann, author of Crystal Rx and founder of Style Rituals, for an epic Crystal Curious event!

Colleen is a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner who was a fashion stylist in a past life. She has traveled the world researching crystal traditions and using crystals in intuitive readings and shamanic healings.

Crystal healing is an age-old medicine that’s woven into the threads of some of the most ancient civilizations. Today, crystal healing is becoming an increasingly sophisticated and popular healing modality — no longer just considered hippie-dippie. Colleen will teach you how you can incorporate crystals into your modern life to balance your body, mind, spirit and physical spaces.

In this workshop, Colleen will share the ancient art of Stone Medicine with you, in a way that’s updated for the twenty-first century. Her signature style gives crystals memorable nicknames, like “skinny jeans”, “Xanax” & “Botox” with the intention of making all this woowoojuju stuff palatable & personable. She will show you ways to enhance both your personal and business practices with crystals.

You’ll leave the workshop with new skills for choosing crystals, building your crystal arsenal, healing with crystals, and much more. You’ll also get a personal Crystals Rx to continue your work at home. Additionally, you can check out a curated collection of some of Colleen’s favorite crystal products at the Crystal Curious pop-up shop. It’s time to rock your inner gem boss!

Colleen McCann

Colleen, fashion stylist turned energy practitioner founded Style Rituals to align her two passions — the visual and energetic. Colleen sees clients for private sessions, works with corporate clients and is a speaker. Her work has been featured on GOOP and in the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Refinery 29.


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