~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Crystal Sound Bowl Healing

This is the DEN’s most popular soundbath and fills up quickly!

Shamanic Healer, Susan Paul, guides you through a beautiful healing experience where you will enter a higher dimension where there is no space or time. Each class is co-created by everyone in attendance, as Susan tunes in to higher frequencies to feel what is needed by those who are present – she then specifically plays different bowls and brings in unique techniques to answer those needs.

She also does crystal sound healings on each individual as well. So you can imagine this is not like an ordinary Soundbath, therefore, though this class is scheduled for an hour and a half, due to the unique nature of the healing experience – sometimes it can run over substantially. She always makes an announcement to warn people of the time but we suggest being open to a longer experience.

If you are beginning your journey or are an experienced meditator, this workshop is bound to create some awakening!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.