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Cultivating Conscious Desires: A Healing and Manifestation Workshop

What is your greatest desire? An amazing Relationship? Money? Success?

But are you sure that those desires are yours?

They may not be because, quite often, what we think we want are often just impulses that arise out of the fear, insecurity, and comparisons in our minds. What’s worse is that we are so rooted in our minds that we may not even know the difference.

Does that sound scary or weird?

It is true though. Many of our desires are rooted in our fear of our past and for our future, or they may even be linked to the unfulfilled desires of our ancestors. This is what often makes manifesting your desires seem like such a Sisyphean task.

However, in tantra wisdom traditions, desires are seen as a sacred tool to experience higher states of consciousness. In fact, tantra integrates desires into mantras and meditations as well, that helps you grow and manifest your desires in a conscious way.

If you’re interested in understanding this process better, come join our senior teacher and the author of the bestselling book Break the Norms at our Studio City location as he shares his insights on how to manifest through, and for, higher awareness! In addition to the talk there will also be a guided mantra meditation and a Q&A session. Bring your notebook and pen for notes.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.