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Day of The Dead Past Life Regression

Well known Astrologist Gahl Sasson is back!!! From the Celtic Druids to Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a time when the veils between life and death are the thinnest as well as the membranes that separate this life from your previous lives. It is the most auspicious time to explore your past reincarnation…

Ever feel like you were somebody else in a past lifetime? Have you ever visited a place for the first time, but felt at home and instinctually knew your way around? Have you ever had a Déjà vu? A dream where you were a different person? Ever have irrational fears or unexplained reactions to situations? Wonder where they might come from? We all have the ability to tap in to a past life and don’t miss the chance to do this on the Day of the Dead.

Workshop includes:

  • Few past lifetime regression when you too could travel beyond time and space

The workshop answers questions such as:

  • Why don’t we remember past lives?
  • Where do all the souls come from?
  • Did I reincarnate with my family members before?

These guided meditations can help you:

  • Gain access to former lives.
  • Create a space for healing phobias and removing blocks.
  • Release physical and emotional pain.
  • Retrieve aspects of your souls, and even skills you have lost in former lives.
No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.