~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Demystifying Tantra with Chandresh

A workshop devoted to cultivating self-awareness, healing masculine-feminine, and nurturing relationships.

Many associate the word “tantra” with sex, but there’s so much more to it. Tantra revolves around the technique of self-realization; it comprises countless meditation techniques and mantras to help deal with anxiety, stress, and more. Eastern wisdom traditions recommend tantric teachings to heal suppressed emotions, improve personal relationships, and above all, raise self-awareness. Join Chandresh Bhardwaj on June 22nd for a profound lesson in tantra.

A seventh-generation teacher hailing from a traditional tantra lineage, Chandresh is also the author of the best-selling book and podcast, Break the Norms. He has shared his tantra wisdom via workshops and lectures around the world and currently working on his book about demystifying tantra for the west. Besides an overview of tantra, Chandresh will lead a guided mantra meditation and answer questions from attendees. Bring your notebooks and pen for note taking.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.