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DEN Kids: Reiki

Reiki is a calming and healing practice that can help children grow into thriving teenagers and adults! Studies have shown that kids who practice Reiki are less likely to show signs of excitability and depression, are able to concentrate better in school, and have healthier sleeping habits than there counter parts. Studies have also shown improvements with the symptoms of ADHD and learning issues. In my personal experience I’ve seen children who were isolated and in pain go from cutting themselves to being happy well adjusted social children! Reiki was a miracle for me, and it has been for many, and I am thrilled to offer that possibility to our young ones!

Kids will be attuned to the Reiki energy so that they can practice it on themselves and others. Science shows that when one gives or receives Reiki their brain moves into the alpha state, which is similar to the state of meditation or that calm space right before one falls asleep. Through this attunment they will also move through a 21 day energetic cleanse. They don’t need to do anything to assist this, it is part of the transformative healing power of starting this practice. Often during this time bad habits and things that don’t serve fall away and kids start feeling lighter and happier. During class they will practice on themselves and each other and learn how to continue a daily practice, and also how to use it in times of stress or when they’re upset.

They will learn how Reiki works and express their experiences through drawing or writing, and sharing with each other. They will leave with a life changing tool, able to give themselves or anyone else Reiki for the rest of their life!


Nia Tracey Ostrand

Nia Tracey Ostrand

Nia is certified to teach Reiki, Yoga, and the Akashic Records (a powerful way to commune with spirit.) She also incorporates meditation and Native practices to enhance her workshops and private sessions. Her weekly Reiki Healing Circle combines Reiki and a gentle guided meditation to Heal, Restore, Open and Transform.

Studies have shown that Reiki increases the white blood cell count, giving a much needed boost to the immune system, and has also been shown to relieve pain, depression, anxiety , insomnia and more. When one gives or receives Reiki their brain moves into an Alpha state causing a deep relaxation, a state that is often hard to find in our busy western world. She also loves teach Reiki and to pass this gift of healing and expansion on.


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