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DENtalks LIVE: “All the Feels” – Mastering Sex & Relationships Panel

Want to get up close and personal with DENtalks Podcast? Book your space for the taping of our second LIVE panel: “All the Feels: Mastering Sex & Relationships!”

Can we become our own worst enemies in relationships? How do we make connections easier and more enjoyable? What’s the relationship between mindfulness and great sex? On February 23, three of the most sought-after experts in the space: Emily Morse (Sex With Emily), Ryan Weiss (Waking up with Ryan) and John Wineland. will join us to answer this and WAY MORE in a safe and FUN environment. From simple shifts in perspective, to specific tips and tricks, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn to finally start mastering your love life.

Don’t forget to stick around for giveaways and a special Q & A! You can even submit questions ahead of time 😉


Emily Morse

Emily Morse

Emily is a sex and relationship expert, author, and the founder and host of Sex with Emily radio show on SiriusXM, as well as the iTunes top-rated podcast of the same name. Sex With Emily is a number 1 podcast As a Doctor of Human Sexuality, author, and multimedia personality – she has inspired millions of listeners and followers to make sex a priority, enhance communication, and strengthen their relationships.

Ryan Weiss

Ryan Weiss

Ryan is the guy people turn to when they feel stuck, lost, depressed, anxious, and fed up with their relationship. He has been referred to as LA’s premier Life Coach and is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Ryan is also the creator of the morning email reaching thousands of people aptly named WAKING UP WITH RYAN where he breaks down the Spiritual and Psychological tools we all need to thrive in our daunting, complication world

John Wineland

John Wineland

With a diverse background that includes extensive training in Executive and Entrepreneurial coaching, as well as in Tantric and Relational Arts, John brings a wide scope of meditation, movement, and intimacy practices to relationship workshops and coaching sessions. He believes we all crave the deepest forms of romantic and sexual intimacy, however very few of us were taught how to create and sustain this type of sexual intimacy. John has been leading men and women in the practices of spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity deepening many relationships across the globe. He is also known for his groundbreaking work with men; John is the founder of The New Men’s Work Project, which has attracted members from across the world who are looking to lead more embodied, purpose – driven lives.


DENtalks LIVE is a chance to get up close and personal with some incredibly influential and inspiring people whom by discovering their authentic selves, have unlocked their true life potential. You won’t want to miss these DENtalks LIVE events, as they’ll each include a special Q&A and opportunity for attendees meet our guests! Signature to the podcast, there will be a 10 minute meditation and 4-YOU segment, which include tangible takeaways to inspire and improve your practice.



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