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DENtalks LIVE: Marianne Williamson

Loving the DENtalks Podcast and want more?

Join us for our first LIVE episode taping, featuring a very special one-on-one conversation with Marianne Williamson!

Marianne Williamson—a woman who needs no introduction—is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and seven-time New York Times Best Selling Author. You may’ve heard of her mega-best-seller, A Return to Love, considered a must-read of the New Spirituality. She is a mentor to many, a teacher to all, and just like all DENtalks guests you’re guaranteed to get to know her in a deeper way.

DENtalks LIVE is a chance to get up close and personal with some incredibly influential and inspiring people whom by discovering their authentic selves, have unlocked their true life potential. You won’t want to miss these DENtalks LIVE events, as they’ll each include a special Q&A and opportunity for attendees meet our guests! Signature to the podcast, there will be a 10 minute meditation and 4-YOU segment, which include tangible takeaways to inspire and improve your practice.

PRICE: $35

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