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DENtalks LIVE: TRANSpiritual with Jayson Moton

We are all energetically connected to our physical bodies – but what happens when yours feels foreign? How do you navigate that shift, especially in today’s society?

Join us for an important and heartfelt interview with our very own Jayson Moton, as he shares the story of coming to terms with his identity as a transgender man. We get vulnerable as we dive into the process of finding your truest self, with both the emotional and spiritual ebbs and flows that can create. This DENtalks LIVE will leave you feeling moved and hopefully inspired on your own journey to embracing the light within.


DENtalks LIVE is a chance to get up close and personal with some incredibly influential and inspiring people whom by discovering their authentic selves, have unlocked their true life potential. You won’t want to miss these DENtalks LIVE events, as they’ll each include a special Q&A and opportunity for attendees meet our guests! Signature to the podcast, there will be a 10 minute meditation and 4-YOU segment, which include tangible takeaways to inspire and improve your practice.



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