~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Dream Circle

Do you wonder the meaning behind your dreams? Do you need help de-coding your dreams? Join us for our first ever DREAM CIRCLE with Dream expert Dr. Connie Kaplan.

Connie’s method for understanding the meaning of dreaming, is unique and passionately feminine. According to her philosophy, in order to properly glean the deepest meaning of a dream, we must ask three major questions:

  1. What was the moon’s location and phase at the time of the dream?
  2. How does that lunar energy interface with the spiritual DNA of the dreamer?
  3. What did the dreamer experience in consciousness that inspired her to write this dream-story?

The answer to each of those questions holds the foundational information to fully understand the message that the dream is trying to send into form via the dreamer!

In this hour and a half workshop, Dr. Kaplan will discuss the background behind those questions, explaining why we ask them and how we discover their answers. Then we will have a short dream circle ceremony in which we will chose four or five dreams to unfold from this profound perspective.

Please bring a dream printed on white paper. Bring your astrological natal chart if you have it, (you can find yours on astro.cafeastrology.com) and bring your most unfettered curiosity and imaginative skills!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.