~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Eclipsed: Intuitive Tarot

Experience the intensity of the eclipse season as we connect to our spirituality during a live collective tarot reading circle.

Find yourself immersed in the magic of tarot during Meghan Rose’s Intuitive Tarot Manifestation Workshop. Offered in the midst of Solar and Lunar eclipse season, this workshop will allow you the chance to ask questions, gain insight, and leave feeling ready to set your intentions and break through spiritual barriers!

We will begin by exploring the energy that the eclipse season is offering us, integrating astrology and your unique zodiac sign’s impact, and receive guidance about how to best move with this month’s lunar cycle.

Tap into your intuition and pick a pile: Tarot and oracle cards will be our guide on this journey within, and will offer healing and transformational messages to assist us. After these special readings are complete, we will end the night with a manifestation meditation, allowing the eclipses to illuminate and help us shed stagnant energy & make room for abundance, prosperity, and clarity.

What is Tarot? The tarot is a tool for receiving divine and spiritual messages. The tarot offers a profound healing energy and unconditional love from our higher intuition, our guides, and source. By entering into a tarot circle, we are entering deeper into ourselves, into our higher power, and into alignment. Through the use of tarot and oracle cards, we can feel our connection to the Universe, exploring the mysteries and deeper questions we come to uncover. Feel free to bring your journal, any sacred items you wish to charge, and an open heart!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.