~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Intuitive Healing Workshop

Intuitive Healing is an ancient practice. We have simply forgotten what it means to perceive our own body’s messages and information.

We have been programmed to give our healing power away and to not pay attention to our truth and inner guidance. Intuition is about knowing and this practice begins with discovering the enrgy within you. It is a remembrance.

In this workshop, you will learn practical energy tools for protection, restoring your energy, balancing your chakras and aura – which contain all the informatio you will ever need to promote healing. We explore how to listen and heal you physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

You will discover what it means to trust your intuition and why that turst is key. In a safe and playful atmosphere, you will read energy, facilitate healing and explore your personal intuition and get an idea of what the Intuitive Training is all about.

No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.