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Lymphatic Self Care Workshop with Lisa Gainsley

Please join Lisa Gainsley, founder of The Lymphatic Message, Lymphatic Specialist and Yoga Teacher for an evening filled with self care.

Come ready to learn, as Lisa will sharing tips from her celebrity clientele on how to optimize your health with lymphatic self-care. You will learn the anatomy of the lymphatic system and it’s hidden benefits, including how to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and achieve radiant skin. Lisa will demonstrate specific yoga poses, exercises and effective lymphatic self- massage techniques.

This workshop is great for yogis, teachers, fitness trainers, and anyone interested in a self- care routine. You will walk away from this educational evening with an understanding of how lymphatic circulation can enhance your workout and your body’s natural detox process. We find there is great potential for healing when people gather together with consciousness and community spirit.

Space is limited for this special event–we hope you can join us!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.