~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Meditate & Create: Expressions of Self Love

When we practice self-expression, we get to see and discover so much more about our inner world while seeing it bloom in the outer world, all without requiring syntax or traditional logic. In essence, expression provides a unique moment to cultivate a stronger appreciation for our deep-down, most authentic selves and higher spirits that flow through us as creative energy.

Come express yourself with this meditative art experience. You’ll feel a soothing release and transfer of energy in allowing the metaphysical to touch the physical reality. This Valentine’s season, work to grow love and acceptance for your authentic expression. Practice creating without fear and without judgment.

Not a painter? Don’t worry! This practice does NOT emphasize or require any artistic skill or experience.

Expect: guided meditations, breathwork, essential oils, calming music, acrylic painting and more! Couples or singles all welcome.

$5 additional supply charge. All supplies provided. Limited capacity


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.