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Modern Feng Shui for 2019

Please join Meghan Wallace James in a Modern Feng Shui Abundance Workshop designed to outfit EVERYONE with a concrete action plan and poetic vision for aligning and activating the wealth zones of your home for a Bountiful, Beautiful 2019.

  • Learn to navigate and apply the Bagua, a classic Feng Shui energy map to your unique floor plan, particularly the areas correlated with generating and maintaining wealth.
  • Learn how to activate your home { your life } with energetics, aesthetics and intuition.
  • Partake in a guided meditation to uncover the physical and metaphorical blocks to calling in wealth.
  • Muse in community as we set intentions for growth.

*Please bring a simple sketch of your floor plan, as well as a notebook and pen. Colored pencils, handouts and bagua will be provided!

Modern Feng Shui: MWJbagua

Who is Meghan?

Meghan Wallace James has developed a tailored, detail oriented, modern interpretation of the ancient scientific art form of Feng Shui to address the myriad needs of today’s human condition. Tapping into primary portals of Space, Style & Sex, James empowers her clients to embrace radical flow for an intuitively aligned lived experience.

Meghan has an engineering degree and worked as a project controls engineer in Chicago before earning a fashion design degree and designing vintage inspired womenswear in New York City. She then married, moved to Los Angeles, had two sons, renovated am old home – then went through a sudden divorce right after a Feng Shui consultant came to her home – which would change her life forever.

She began developing her modern Feng Shui modality and approach, which serves as a catalyst for those seeking a proven approach in navigating life’s greatest challenges { romance, family dynamics, fertility, health, career transition, finances, real estate transactions, clarity of direction } via energetics, aesthetics and intuition. James’ clients credit her with providing an invaluable home/work/life blueprint and a distinctive artistic visual energy transmission: Like a switch has been turned on, folks say.


“If you are to advance, all fixed ideas must go.”

– Joseph Campbell


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.