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Natalia Benson Mystical AF Book Launch

Join highly respected women’s empowerment coach, astrologer and modern mystic Natalia Benson for a special book launch and signing of her new book, MYSTICAL AF.

In her first and highly anticipated book, Natalia shares her journey from darkness to lightness of being, through love, loss, spirituality, self-discovery and ultimately success. This personal memoir utilizes the lens of Astrology as it guides the reader to uncover their own unique purpose, and shares mystical yet practical tools to help infuse the sacred into your everyday life.

True to Natalia’s passionate & multifaceted Aries nature, the book launch will be an immersive mystical experience. Natalia will begin the experience with a guided Astrology-inspired meditation to ground attendees and tune them in to the current cosmic transits. Enjoy a sacred spiritual space with edible art “MOODboard” curated specifically to enhance the vibe of the event by Los Angeles based Holistic Nutritionist, Sarah Cat, a crystal healing pop-up with renowned wellness expert Serena Poon, Tarot Card Readings with Natalia’s personal tarot reader, Sophia Knapp, and much more!

The event is open to the public at no charge with a suggested purchase of MYSTICAL AF ($33).

About Natalia Benson:

By fusing the spiritual world with practical tools for empowerment, Natalia Benson has helped more than 2,000 private clients make meaningful choices and changes in their lives, and guides over 35,000 followers on Instagram. She works in corporate wellness with major institutions and also on a personal level via private coaching, panels, and lectures.

You may also know her as the former astrology contributor for WhoWhatWear.com, where she gained a following for her intuitive, nurturing advice. This LA-based speaker and women’s empowerment coach trains clients around the world, from Australia to the UK, and in the U.S. with a concentration in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and San Diego. Her clients seek counsel on relationships, health, money, career, and work/life balance, among other topics. Natalia’s mission is to deliver people back to themselves, to help them find the love, expansiveness and true fulfillment that is within them.

Natalia has graced the pages of Women’s Health, and Modern Luxury Silicon Valley featured her as a rising star to watch, who helps “high-powered women channel their inner goddess.” Natalia Benson was named by LA Confidential as one of the top spiritual influencers to follow, and is in Angeleno in their Women of Style issue, highlighting her methods and practice on spirituality and empowerment.

Natalia’s first book, MYSTICAL AF, will be released on Feb. 22, 2020. MYSTICAL AF shares Natalia’s journey from darkness to lightness of being, through love, loss, spirituality, self discovery and ultimately success. Instagram: @natalia_benson Website: www.nataliabenson.com


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