~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

New Moon Intuitive Tarot Manifestation

Join us in a powerful New Moon Intuitive Tarot celebration and tap into your own mysticism with a live collective Tarot and Oracle Card reading.

Tune into your deepest knowing, access true guidance from the Universe, and open your connection to Self.

We will begin the workshop by mapping out what the New Moon in Taurus has in store for your zodiac sign, digging up what the current lunar energy means and how you can hone in on this powerful manifestation energy more effectively.

The night will then transition into the live collective reading, in which you will tap into your sense of intuition and choose the pile of Tarot and Oracle cards that speaks to you.

What is Tarot? The tarot is a tool for receiving divine and spiritual messages. The tarot offers a profound healing energy and unconditional love from our higher intuition, our guides, and source. By entering into a tarot circle, we are entering deeper into ourselves, into our higher power, and into alignment. Through the use of tarot and oracle cards, we can feel our connection to the Universe, exploring the mysteries and deeper questions we come to uncover. Feel free to bring your journal, any sacred items you wish to charge, and an open heart!

Watch as the magic unfolds with the guidance of Meghan Rose, one of The DEN’s leading Tarot Readers. This special gathering ends with a manifestation ritual to bring your dreams, goals, and successes to life!

Join us for this magical New Moon Intuitive Tarot workshop, and allow yourself to gain spiritual insight for this New Moon & the lunar cycle ahead!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.