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Northern Italy: March 2018

Break the Norms Retreat

Lago d’Orta, Northern Italy

Before you start reading, take a deep breath. Are you done? Are you sure?

Now, with complete honesty, answer the following questions:

  • Is life moving so quickly that you don’t have time to self-reflect and meditate?
  • Are relationships that were meant to heal turning out to be a challenge?
  • Have you been avoiding the healing of your heart?
  • Are you living so blindly that you don’t feel like you’re conditioning anymore?
  • Who are you if you shed all of your labels? (That’s a scary one!)
  • What are you escaping from?

We could go on. But, you get it! In the blink of an eye, life passes. It’s not going to wait for anyone. Chances are, you’ll end up left with a bruised heart, disappointments, fears, self-doubts, regrets, and more. The suffering continues! However, suffering only multiplies in an unaware soul. Those who are aware do not suffer.

Once you begin to live in awareness, your story will unfold in a powerful and positive way. With the right guidance and tools, you can shift your reality. The only requirement: a willingness to change. It’s never too late. When you start walking on the path toward transformation, your existence starts to protect and guide you.

Chandresh Bhardwaj, a seventh-generation spiritual healer and bestselling author, has prepared an incredibly powerful experience for you in the serene, heartwarming mountains of Northern Italy. The Break the Norms Retreat will take you on a life-altering journey. From birth to death, Chandresh will touch on all of the important aspects of healing in a human journey.

The Break the Norms Retreat includes daily meditations, talks, and discussions, plus a variety of experiences that will help you break your norms. Students will have scheduled one-on-one time with Chandresh, to help you make the most of your retreat experience. Participants will each receive a meditation bead and a personalized mantra to help them cultivate a disciplined meditation path under Chandresh’s guidance. This will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. And not to mention, you’ll probably run out of hashtags for your social media #truth. To familiarize yourself with Chandresh’s work, start with any or all of the following:

  • Chandresh’s weekly talks at Den Meditation
  • His book, Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex
  • Facebook Live videos and social media posts
  • The Insight Timer meditation app!

This retreat will sell out soon! Contact us with your questions.



Chandresh is a seventh-generation Spiritual Healer, International Speaker and Author of the bestselling book, Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex. Chandresh quit his Wall Street job to launch the nonprofit Break the Norms Movement with the intention of awakening the human awareness from its conditioned self. He is a world traveler who gives talks and leads retreats across the globe—from Europe to Asia and the Americas. “Spirituality is a borrowed knowledge,” says Chandresh. “We must meditate to experience our own version of it.”


Mandali is a beautiful new spiritual retreat center built on a hilltop, overlooking Lake Orta in the mountains of Northern Italy. Only an hour’s drive from Milan, Mandali radiates a tranquil and mystical, monastery-like atmosphere. The classic feng shui dream of enjoying the inspiration of the sun, lake and valley in front of you, whilst being supported and protected by the buildings, trees and gardens behind is a functioning reality at Mandali. The property features tastefully designed guestrooms, libraries and common areas, many different spaces for meditation, yoga and personal reflection, and an indoor/outdoor spa and jacuzzi area—with the most breaktaking view of Lake Orta! Mandali is surrounded by world-class hiking trails and close to quaint traditional villages where you can take in authentic Italian culture during your free time. The most famous place in the whole area is Orta San Giulio, a charming medieval town which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Italy! The area was well loved by great writers, philosophers and poets—including Friedrich Nietzsche, Samuel Butler, Lord Byron, Honoré de Balzac and Robert Browning—who came seeking replenishment and creative inspiration. Mandali is one of Europe’s best kept secrets and the ideal sanctuary for this heartwarming meditation retreat. We cannot wait to share this place with you!


A nutritious diet is crucial to a successful retreat experience. Colorful, delicious, natural foods are carefully prepared to help you feel healthy, energized and cleansed from the inside out. The menu is designed by Mandali’s vegetarian chef, Kes Lilani, and prepared with love by their Italian “food wizard” Viramo. All produce is local and organic, and some of it grown in Mandali’s own gardens. 3 healthy, high-vibrational, vegetarian meals will be served each day. Mandali happily accommodates all dietary restrictions and sensitivities—just let us know what you need! Filtered water, herbal teas, coffee and fresh fruit are available, all day, every day.



  • BEST lake view
  • Verandah with outdoor seating
  • Outdoor bathtub
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Designer linens and furnishings
  • Queen bed

Single: $3200
Double (shared bed): $2600


  • Lake view
  • Verandah with outdoor seating
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Designer linens and furnishings
  • Queen bed or 2 twin beds

Single: $3000
Double: $2600


  • Garden and temple view
  • Verandah with outdoor seating
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Designer linens and furnishings
  • Queen bed or 2 twin beds

Single: $2800
Double: $2400


  • Perfect for a group of friends!
  • Apartment-style
  • Loft space
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Designer linens and furnishings
  • Queen bed and 2 twin beds

Triple: $1800
Quad (shared bed): $1500


  • Perfect for a group of friends!
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Designer linens and furnishings
  • 4 twin bunk beds

Quad: $1500

*A $750 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Sign up before Dec 1st to get early bird prices!


  • 6 nights stay at Mandali Retreat Center
  • 3 healthy, high-vibrational, vegetarian meals each day and snacks
  • Daily workshops and meditations led by Chandresh
  • Private one-on-one sessions with Chandresh
  • Personalized mantras and meditation beads
  • Daily yoga (optional)
  • Nature hike
  • Tour of the medieval village of San Guilio d’Orta
  • Lots of love and personal attention


  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Massages and spa treatments
  • Any additional activities or services
  • Alcohol


  • This retreat begins at 7 PM on Saturday March 24th, but you can check into your room at 2 PM. The retreat ends at 10 AM on Friday March 30th.
  • The nearest airport to Mandali is Milano Malpensa Airport, which is about 1 hour and 10 minutes drive away. You have a few different options for getting to Mandali. The first option is to organize a private driver to pick you up from the airport. The cost of this is 130 euros each way—but if you arrive at the same time as someone else on this retreat you can split it! The second is to take a shuttle bus from Malpensa to Gravellona Toce and then transfer to Mandali. The shuttle costs 12 euros and the transfer costs 45 euros each way. If you plan on staying in Milan prior to the retreat, the best way to get to Mandali is to take the train from Milano Centrale to Omegna station. Please let us know your travel plans and we will help you arrange transportation! Transfers to and from Mandali are not included in the retreat price.
  • A $750 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Final payment is due Jan 24th.



7:45 am – 8:30 am Optional meditation w/ Mandali teacher
8:30 am – 9:30 am Breakfast
9:30 am – 11 am Free time
11 am – 1 pm Meditation and workshop
1 pm – 2 pm Lunch
2 pm – 7 pm Tour of San Guilio d’Orta
7 pm – 8:30 pm Dinner
8:30 pm – 10 pm Night meditation