~ DEN Meditation Training ~

Premiere Reiki 3 with Kelsey Patel

A special chance to get reiki certified with Reiki Master Kelsey Patel. Only 5 spots available as this is an exclusive intimate Reiki certification with Kelsey!

You can also join for only Reiki 1 for $525 or only Reiki 2 for $825 – bundle price is only if both Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 are taken together during the combo weekend! Call for details.

Reiki 3

When you get certified in Reiki Level 3 you receive the Master Symbol. However, you do not have to commit to teaching Reiki. This level will increase the student’s capacity to channel the Universal Energy. By gaining the Master Symbol, you are allowed to work on a spiritual level and help contact your own inner truth, helping you go deeper in your own self healing as well as the healing of others.

Prerequisite: Reiki 2 certified in any lineage

Reiki 3 Certification Highlights

  • A commitment to the Reiki Community by attending shares and circles
  • Learn the sound vibration of the symbols called the Kotodama
  • Expand your energy and practice channeling even more energy
  • Learn a general heart opening attunement that can be used on anyone
  • Learn to offer a spiritual presentation
  • Learn how to clear spaces with Reiki
  • Go deeper into self healing and the healing of others with various innovate Energy Healing Techniques

PLEASE NOTE: This certification spans 2 days. Both days must be attended to complete the certification


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.