~ DEN Meditation Events ~

Reignite, Restore, Renew the Body as a Channel of Awakening

Being here, fully embodied, a sense of divine wonder, connection, feeling safe and supported, anchored back into our fiery spark of knowing and creativity – this is our birthright. This special event will move with a sense of fluidity, through movement, channelled prayer, guided meditation, breath-work, hands on healing and ritual – creating an immersive experience. No one is put on the spot, and sharing is always optional.

Stella believes in a deep listening through the body, creating a structure that is a strong container of movement and stillness, depth and play.

Stella de Mont is a Los Angeles based spiritual teacher and intuitive channel. Her work encompasses over two decades of experience and study in healing arts across multiple traditions. She focuses on direct experience, aligning your subtle energies and creating trust in your body’s wisdom and guidance. She finds levity and play alongside moving and releasing stuck energies. Her sessions, classes and retreats equip you with practical tools naturally aligning you back to your own divine guidance. Leading from this alignment leaves you trusting the body as an extraordinary compass of pure knowing with no egoic agenda, leaving you feeling more creative, intuitive, heart-centered and free.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.