~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Sound & Yoga Nidra: Amplify Your Intentions

Join Helane Anderson and Hilary Jackendoff for a transformative evening of Sound and Yoga Nidra. Access the expanded consciousness beyond your thinking mind as you sow the seeds of your New Years (or New Moon!) intentions, deep within the subconscious. Rest in peaceful, effortless ease as Hilary guides a spacious Yoga Nidra.

After the Nidra, continue to rest deeply, as Helane amplifies the vibrations with a healing, restorative Sound Bath. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the New Year!

***Please bring a journal, wear comfortable clothes, and BYOP (bring your own pillow!)


Helane Marie Anderson

Helane Marie Anderson

Helane Marie Anderson, author and creator of You Are Meant to Sing! 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice transformational program and book, began singing as soon as she came out of the womb according to her parents. A songwriter trained as both a classical pianist and singer, Helane has extensive experience in the classical music industry as an administrator, has held artistic programming positions at both the Los Angeles Philharmonic and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, served as Director of Composers & Repertoire at renowned classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes and is adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California (USC). After spending many years in the music industry, Helane decided it was time to give back and she trained to become a Sound Healer, reconnecting with her original love of singing and healing work. Helane’s deepest passion is to share her music and help aspiring singers, speakers and seekers get in touch with their voice and transform!

Hilary Jackendoff: DEN Meditation Instructor

Hilary Jackendoff

Originally from New Jersey, Hilary has traveled the world collecting wisdom and experience for her meditation practice. After spending some time in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, she went to an ashram to learn about traditional Hatha Yoga and Vedic and Tantric meditation. She then trekked to India, where she studied Kundalini Tantra. She also studied traditional Buddhist techniques, including Compassion and Vipassana Meditation, and focused on classical yoga and meditation for two years while living in an Australian ashram. Hilary has since channeled her inside-out approach to wellness into a teaching career. She is committed to helping people find their way inward through focused breath-work, sustainable self-care strategies, and systematic meditation and relaxation techniques.


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