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Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality with John Wineland



John Wineland just added another session on Saturday, Feb. 2nd from 7:30 PM – 10 PM! Hurry and get your tickets for Saturday before they sell out!

Please know this price is for a SINGLE ticket – if you have a partner who also wants to come they will need to purchase their own individual ticket. If you’re having trouble registering for two people please email [email protected], we are happy to help you!

An introductory event for singles and couples into the practice and principles of spiritual intimacy and yogic sexuality.

In this interactive event, you will learn the basic philosophy of embodied sexuality drawn from the traditions of Vajrayana, Taoism, Kundalini Yoga, Iron Shirt Qi Gong and Classic Tantra. In order to create a safe space for intimacy, this workshop requires a sacred container with no “ins and outs,” and the majority of the workshop will be in deep embodied practice, so dress and prepare for movement.


  • Learn how to communicate deep desires in a way that evokes passion and presence in him
  • Learn how to run pleasure through your body that is irresistible to the masculine
  • Learn to create a deep relationship with your own yearning heart and desire to be cherished and ravished
  • Learn to offer your heart in any moment, in a way that not only feels deeply authentic, but also creates more intimacy, even when you’re angry, hurt, jealous or heart-broken
  • Master the art of sexual polarity in any moment
  • Learn to reveal and gift taboo desires and dark sexual energy in service of love


  • Learn how to lead your relationship powerfully from a place of embodied integrity and love
  • Learn the physical and meditative practices that make you more trustable as a lover and romantic partner
  • Learn to take your sex to a deeper level by mastering the arts of polarity and masculine leadership
  • Learn to use presence, depth and power to claim your partner’s heart, body and soul
  • Learn how to transmute your partner’s complaint into divine surrender
  • Learn how to master the art of command and make the exploration of dark sexual energy a sacred and sublime experience

PRICE: $75

Who is John Wineland?

With a diverse background that includes extensive training in Executive and Entrepreneurial coaching, as well as in Tantric and Relational Arts, John brings a wide scope of meditation, movement, and intimacy practices to relationship workshops and coaching sessions. He believes we all crave the deepest forms of romantic and sexual intimacy, however very few of us were taught how to create and sustain this type of sexual intimacy. John has been leading men and women in the practices of spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity deepening many relationships across the globe. He is also known for his groundbreaking work with men; John is the founder of The New Men’s Work Project, which has attracted members from across the world who are looking to lead more embodied, purpose – driven lives.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.