~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Taste The Rainbow

Do you want your child to break free from anxiety overload?

This may show up in a lack of focus at school, defiance and many other ways. With the pressures of school and the amount of screen time kids have today, they are losing clarity on skillful choice making. We can’t run from the realities of today, but we can give them the tools to self-regulate, concentrate and have self-awareness with a regular practice of mindfulness. Just like anything, it takes a consistent practice. Orlee teaches this in a fun way through yoga, games and journaling/discussion.

There are many ways we can practice mindfulness – paying attention to what’s happening right now and with non-judgmental awareness. One of them is mindful eating. How many times do we race through eating to get to the next task? Or, how many times do you chat while you eat? The practice of mindful eating is eating, and just eating. Orlee would like to invite your child to a special mindful eating gathering. The gathering will include:

  • Yoga Yoga Game – Guess The Leader
  • Bringing the colors of the rainbow of fruits/veggies in to awareness
  • Farm to table story Inter-being story
  • Mindful Eating of various fruits and vegetables
  • Journaling/discussion
  • Guess the ingredients

*Because this event includes food and in general, we will need the following information from each sign up:

  • Name, allergies, body/mental limitations and age.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.