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The Mythologies of Gender & Sex

Get a chance to have an in depth face to face with lead Astrologer Gahl Sasson before he leaves Los Angeles for the rest of the year. He is joined by Cirque du Soleil choreographer and performer in which they form the perfect masculine and feminine balance for this experiential workshop. Bianca and Gahl will lead you on a mythological journey exploring stories that could shed light on the differences as well as similarities between the feminine and masculine. The workshop combines storytelling, embodiment exercises, emoting, movement and meditation to help you identify, balance and heal your inner masculine and feminine sides.

What makes something feminine and another masculine? What makes someone macho and another effeminate? If a little girl chooses to play with cars rather than barbies, is she a tomboy? If a five-year-old boy insists on being a princess for Halloween, is he girly? In the workshop we will journey to ancient Greece and meet the prophet Tiresias, the first transgender, and explore why he was blinded when he was asked if women or men enjoy sex more. We will push the limits and go to the extreme of the feminine scale and there discover Sleeping Beauty and why being the ultimate femininity fell into utter passivity inflicted by a witch. Then, we will go to the other side and explore the Spartan who in their devotion to all that is manly, encouraged their fierce warriors to develop homosexual relationships.

The workshop can help you understand the shifting gender tectonic plates and make sense of future dynamics that will influence relationships, fashion, music, art, politics and the economy. A brave new postgenderism generation is now coming of age that refuses to be confined or defined by their XY chromosomes and their ancestors or religion’s understanding of gender. The world around us is shifting. Pink is the new blue and blue is the new pink. Mannies are slowly replacing nannies and teenagers refuse to believe that men are from Mars and women from Venus. We all need to know that health, prosperity and happiness can be achieved through attaining and maintaining balance and equilibrium. In the workshop we will discover the mythology of your inner man and inner woman and help you find a way for them to fall in love and learn to balance your masculine and feminine signs to attract and maintain harmonious relationships.


Gahl Sasson: DEN Meditation Instructor

Gahl E. Sasson

Gahl E. Sasson is a leading astrologer and public speaker. His book on Kabbalah was endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His three books on Astrology were dubbed the GPS of the soul and translated to various languages. He teaches seminars and workshops around the world on mythology, relationships, storytelling and symbolism. He currently lives in Los Angeles. His web site is

Bianca Sapetto

Bianca Sapetto

Bianca Sapetto is a choreographer, performer, director and educator. She specializes in embodiment creations and education and has taught workshops and classes at USC, UCLA, CalArts, Esalen, and other institutions. She has created for Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Warner Brothers, Paramount films, the Grammy Awards, the Tonight Show, Good Morning America, American Music Awards, Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team, Michigan Opera, Teatro Zinzanni, the Olympic Gymnastics Tours, and at the Summit of the Americas for all the North and South American presidents and prime ministers.


Date Time Instructor Location
Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:00pm - 6:00pm Gahl E. Sasson & Bianca Sapetto La Brea