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Understanding Death Through Tantra

Since the beginning of time, death has been a complex phenomenon. We try to understand it, but the thought of death continues to haunt us. In this bold and comforting workshop, Chandresh Bhardwaj will lead you into the untouched territory of death. “Death is the most misunderstood phenomenon in life,” says Chandresh. “If you can’t understand or accept death, you won’t be able to understand or accept life either.” Chandresh will lead a powerful guided meditation aimed to help you connect deeper to your body and soul in order to release fears related to death.

In this workshop, Chandresh will answer the following questions:

  • What is death?
  • Is there a life after death?
  • How can we free ourselves from the fear of death?
  • How can we better connect with our souls?

It’s a must-attend workshop for everyone who will die!