~ DEN Meditation Workshops ~

Cultivating Courage & Calmness

COVID-19 is canceling everything except our relationship with our awareness. During these tough times, seekers must rise to the occasion and plant the seeds of courage, calmness, and compassion. How do we access this courage and calm, though?

The primordial meditation practices are about raising consciousness in tough times and healing the heart. Den Meditation senior teacher, author, and tantra expert, Chandresh Bhardwaj, has put together a much-needed powerful workshop to share the wisdom nuggets of healing masters and put them into practice through a talk and guided mantra meditation. This workshop is for all those who are looking for a safe refuge in higher awareness and want to deepen the meditation practice using mantra and consciousness tools. In addition to the talk and meditation, Chandresh will be doing Q&A as well during the workshop. You are invited to take part in this gathering of truth seekers.


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