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VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Coronavirus & Astrology with Gahl Sasson

Join Astrologer, Gahl Sasson, who predicted the appearance of a virus and a recession in his Astrology of 2020 book and recent lecture at The DEN, for a very special and timely workshop shedding light on astrological connections behind the Coronavirus.

In this workshop, Gahl will trace the astrological cycles and explain the spiritual and astrological meaning behind these challenging times. There is a lot of symbolism happening in our world right now including the connection of the Crown Chakra and The Crown in the Kabbalalistic Tree of Life, and now a Virus disrupting the world who appears to have crown like spikes.

We are all looking for answers, and our hope with this workshop is to spread hope and understanding of this difficult time. There will be time for a Q&A* and Gahl will also lead us in a Zodiac based meditation.

*We will not be answering medical based questions, please consult a doctor for any medical advice pertaining to the Coronavirus.


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.