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Wolf Full Moon All-Night Sound Bath

Harness the energy of this Wolf Full moon.

Join us for a DEN sound bath sleepover filled with meditation and mingling. Then snuggle up and experience the nurturing Triple Gong Sound Bath, Sacred Tibetian Bowls, Didgeridoo Crystal Harp, Astrology readings, and a fun Night Market.

This is the perfect time to remove subconscious blocks with an evening filled with regeneration and positivity. Don’t forget your yoga mat, sleeping bag, favorite comfy blanket, or anything else that you’d want to cozy up in!


January 19th
9:00 pm – 6:00am

Price: $80 with RSVP
($90 at the door)

Doors open at: 8:30pm
Meditation begins at 9:00pm

* Please make sure you register for the class after purchasing the ticket to secure your spot in the meditation *

Bring a sleeping bag, yoga mat, pillow or anything else you like to snuggle in.



6th & La Brea
DEN Meditation Sponsor: GoldThread Herbs
DEN Meditation Sponsor: GT's Living Foods
Papa & Barkley
DEN Meditation Vendor: V Spa
DEN Meditation Sponsor: Cosmic Reiki

The Night includes:

  • Pranayam Breath Soundbath Immersion led by Ram Kirin
  • Night Market with various vendors and sponsors
  • CBD Mocktails from Papa & Barkley
  • Tasty snacks from 6th & La Brea
  • Social Hour and Music
  • Astrology readings with Blair Bogin
  • Reiki with Cosmic Reiki
  • Complimentary reiki and chair massage


  • 9 PM – 10 PM: Gong Meditation
  • 10 PM – 11 PM: Night Market
  • 11 PM – 3:45 PM: Soundbath Sleepover
  • 3:45 AM – 6 AM: Sadhana (your daily spiritual practice) *FREE


Ram Kirin: DEN Meditation Instructor

Ram Kirin

Ram Kirin has studied under many spiritual masters and it is now his gift to share with the world. Ram Kirin uses the sacred sound of the Gong to help rebalance the physical, mental, and emotional state of all who seek its harmony and alignment. “I have a daily feeling of immense gratitude for the guidance that has led me on this path, and as a teacher I feel it is important to help guide the students on their own empowering journey of self.”

Jai Chand Kaur

Jai Chand Kaur

Jai Chand Kaur is a talented KRI Singer and Soundhealer. She has taught and led sound healing events for the past five years. She feels a deep connection to the sound current and infuses it into all dimensions of her life. Last year she released her first mediation album under the artist name of Ripples. She is currently working on her debut mantra album with fellow band mates, Michael Singh and Kavita Adi Kaur.

Tyler Ceja

Tyler Ceja

Tyler Ceja is a multi-instrumentalist who has found a great passion in connecting with ethereal sounds and energies brought forth by the didgeridoo. He brings not only his creative nature into his style of playing, but also his spirit, which is channeled through the instrument’s ominous healing sound.

Blair Bogie: Den Meditation Instructor

Blair Bogin

Blair Bogin is an astrologer, artist and organizer from Chicago, IL. Her astrological counseling is informed by her interest in the history, philosophy and practice of both traditional and modern techniques. Blair is a member of NCGR and founder of Wax Long, a monthly performance event devoted to the seasonal themes of the full moon.


6th & La Brea

6th & La Brea

“You are Here” At the epicenter of Los Angeles is a gathering place inspired by our neighborhood and a shared passion for craft beer. 6th & La Brea Brewery & Restaurant provides a forward-thinking menu, house brews crafted by our award-winning brewing team, and California-driven cocktails, spirits, and wines. Come by for a brew! We look forward to seeing you.

DEN Meditation Sponsor: GoldThread Herbs

Goldthread Tonics

Goldthread’s founder, chief herbalist, and L.AC, William Siff, formulated a line of plant-rich tonics to support the peak functioning of the vital systems in our bodies. Siff travels the world sourcing herbs from the most potent regions and brings them home to our team to microbrew in small batches and create Goldthread’s plant-based tonics. Our tonics are functional and refreshing so that you can quench your thirst, enjoy your life, and drink more plants.

DEN Meditation Sponsor: GT's Living Foods

GT’s Living Foods

With a commitment to the integrity of the ingredients, as well as the process, GT’s Living Foods is dedicated to handcrafting products with living probiotics that are 100% raw and organic. It is their purpose to bring Beautiful Living Things together, helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is an award-winning line of topicals, tinctures, and patches that focus on pain relief management. Our Releaf line was inspired by a son’s mission to find a pain management solution for his elderly father’s debilitating back pain. After all conventional treatments failed, he developed the first iteration of what is now our award-winning pain Releaf Balm. Today, we are a team of caregivers, scientists, researchers, and designers with a common mission: to unlock the potential of the cannabis plant to improve people’s lives.

DEN Meditation Vendor: V Spa

V Spa

V Spa is a luxury boutique mobile massage business providing world-class in-home and office massage services. Veronica Acebedo, the Founder, is a California-certified and New York-licensed massage therapist practicing for over a decade. After years of dealing with post-traumatic stress from childhood abuse, massage therapy allowed her to find a sense of peace, and it’s her mission to share this gift by educating others and providing a healing therapeutic massage to each human being.

DEN Meditation Sponsor: Cosmic Reiki

Cosmic Reiki

As a reiki master, vegan chef, and life coach, Jenna has found a way to bridge the gap between holistic practice and holistic living. While finishing her degree in radiology, she realized that traditional methods of healthcare did not fulfill her core need to help others. She then went on to study Mikao Usui reiki and crystal reiki. She integrates intuitive guidance, the power of reiki, and sound therapy to align the mind, body and soul. She felt a calling to work in healing energetic arts. Spiritual technology is the future of health. As a natural intuitive, she is able to tune into and connect with astral bodies and subtle energies. Jenna is a conduit of Reiki energy as she interacts with the divine oneness within. She is devoted to bringing the power of reiki energy to those that need it most. Jenna is dedicated to uplifting souls through multi-dimensional energy healing to bring about balance and bliss.


DEN Meditation Vendor: The Sangat

The Sangat

Conscious Creations for the Community. Naturally dyed. Hand made.

DEN Vendor: Darshan Sacred Jewelry

Darshan Jewelry

Darshan Sacred Jewelry designer, Joel Ingwaldson, has a long and rich history working in the jewelry industry. As part of her spiritual journey, she spent many years studying the healing and vibrational properties of precious metals and gemstones. She has combined her spiritual knowledge, creativity and 20 + years experience to design a beautiful, refined and sacred line that stirs the senses. Each piece is made in sync with cycles of the moon, infused with high vibrational energy, with the intention to bring blessings to the wearer.


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