Finding Your Soulmate the Mindful Way

In an age of technology-founded relationships and ghosting, we fall victim to high expectations and disappointing results. Could-be relationships never seem to form as the response texts become shorter and the calls come sparsely. But how do we keep ourselves positive and whole in spite of temporary loneliness? As a spiritual person, I, alongside Christina Fleming of the Huffington Post, find that meditation can enable us to find the type of self-awareness that fosters potentially lasting relationships. Ms. Fleming’s article titled, “12 Practices For Spiritual Dating: Finding A Soulmate By Tending The Soul,” exhibits simple practices that strengthen today’s spiritual online-daters:

  1. Before you go on a date, meditate.
  2. First dates are just first dates. Nothing more
  3. Passion is available with a lot of people. Spiritual connection is more selective.
  4. Consider dating one person at a time.
  5. Trust your intuition constantly.
  6. Our thoughts fly in tornado-like formations. But those thoughts do not serve what is real: the present moment.
  7. Your words have power.
  8. Talk to God, or whatever you name her, daily.
  9. Your beauty is shaped by your energy, your thoughts and your rest.
  10. Dating someone, whether it’s a first date or you’ve been with a person for years, requires you let go of expectations.
  11. You don’t owe a person you’ve never met, or someone you’ve only been on a few dates with, the same time and respect that you give your old friends or old lovers.
  12. Call a mentor or friend.

These exercises teach us to find an inner power that helps us to stay mindful of our worth. Try meditating alone, and if you’re not able to feel its healing abilities on your own, I encourage you to attend a group meditation. Group meditation is a place to meet like-minded individuals who understand you and actually want to create a community (i.e. real relationships). We often forget to use our friends as trust-banks. Holding in our insecurities only hinders our potential for loving others; as they say, you can only love others once you love yourself. By honing in your inner spirituality and sexual autonomy, you may find that dating, whether online or in person, becomes a thing a beauty: a “get to” rather than a “have to.” The practices above aren’t “steps,” but lifestyle changes. Awareness is key to finding the one (or maybe even the ones).

Whether a person believes in God or not, meditation is a way for all people to remain in touch with themselves. It teaches us to slow things down and rediscover our self-value. In a new relationship? Take things slow and keep prospects open. Let’s try to not get ahead of ourselves and place our expectations on a person we haven’t met in person. Allow their light to shine on its own, just as yours does. If you feel in need of mental clarity or mindfulness, stop by The DEN meditation studio for guided group meditation and mindfulness classes. Or, take our Happiness class which teaches us to find unadulterated joy within ourselves.

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Christina Fleming, The Blog, 3/18/2016: “12 Practices For Spiritual Dating: Finding A Soulmate By Tending The Soul

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