Focusing the Entrepreneur’s Mind

Calling all entrepreneurs! This one is for you…

Being intuitive, innovative, motivated, and busy are some of the many qualities that make up an entrepreneur. Whether you’re finding investors, managing employees, or handling the nitty-gritty work, starting a business can be extremely stressful. We all know that stress can induce anxiety and that anxiety can severely affect our work, but do we know how to handle that stress once it arises?

“The Entrepreneur’s Quickstart Guide to Mindfulness Meditation” reminds us that mindfulness is a tool that can release mental strains and anxiety. With busy schedules, it becomes difficult to find time for ourselves to sort through our behavior and rewire our minds at the start of each day. Especially as entrepreneurs, we become misguided as to how much time it actually takes to acquire a mindful state of serenity and focus.

Meditation or the conscious act of practicing mindfulness doesn’t need to be hard. Daniel Schwarz, author at Sitepoint tells us that, “…You can meditate for only 10 minutes a day during your morning commute, wearing your ordinary work clothes.” Sometimes we become blinded by the hype of meditation and lose site of its beneficial effects on our health, habits, and happiness.

We often bring bad habits into the workplace – texting, checking Facebook, even Snapchatting – that lead us to produce less-than work and costing us opportunities for growth. While we know our habits are no good, we overlook them instead of labeling them as “bad.” Schwarz identifies how “meditation can offer you self-awareness, and in turn help you to identify bad habits in your routine behaviour.” To be productive is to conscientiously stop bad habits, find a source of motivation, and achieve our full potential.

Meditation and mindfulness are simple. All you need is a quiet space, comfortable clothes, and an open mind to take in all that needs to be processed. But, if you feel that you aren’t in a place to learn the practice on your own, The DEN meditation offers a DEN Series: Learn to Meditate. Taught by one of our most highly recommended teachers, Heather Prete, these sessions will be a place to answer questions, calm nerves, learn to sit, and finally understand why so many people are turning to meditation as a source of relief. Prepare your young, entrepreneurial brain to be in a mindset of complete bliss as the DEN helps you find “genuine, unadulterated happiness.”

Daniel Schwarz, Sitepoint. Mar. 2016: “The Entrepreneur’s Quickstart Guide to Mindfulness Meditation”

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