The Gateway Healing certification is designed for anyone that is wishing to receive more in any area of their life. In this beautiful healing process you will experience a deep connection with spirit and will be introduced to a collective of spiritual beings that are here to give you all the love, guidance, support and help that you need. Grace from spirit is always freely given but sometimes we need to be able to tap into it and be open to receiving.


Gateway Healing Level 1 is geared towards learning the tools of self-healing. This course is focused on releasing any blockages in your energy system by opening a direct gateway to spirit for healing, blessings and spiritual support.

You learn how to:

• Release blockages that get in the way of balanced health, wealth, relationships, etc
• Use the breathe to expand your energy field and allow your soul to emerge
• Receive healing from the Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ancestors/Loved ones, Spirit Doctors, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters & Cosmic Beings.
• Open a straight doorway/portal to the higher dimensions.
• Open up your ability to become a conduit for yourself and channel in the healing you need.
• Understand what ectoplasm is and how to use it for healing.
• Use divine assistance to manifest and materialize what you want.
• Cleanse the energy field and chakras


What you need to bring: Yoga mat, blanket and Pillow. There will be an hour break for lunch so you can pack for yourself as well.

PLEASE NOTE: You must receive a Gateway Healing session with Katie to be eligible for the certification! She will be available for healing sessions March 16th – 19th and April 17th – 24th.


Gateway Healing Certification: Level 1



This course is focused on releasing blockages in your energy system by opening a direct gateway to spirit for healing, blessings and spiritual support.



Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian

Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian

Katie’s journey started when the doctors told her she had an incurable virus that was cancer causing – after a long search for a cure she discovered a healing that gave her a miraculous cure. She now calls this healing “gateway healing” and works primarily with individuals that have physical, emotional or mental blockages in their life.

This healing modality has now been taught in 16 different countries and has created numerous healing testimonials around the world.

In Gateway Healing we believe that every problem in our life has an energetic solution. Spirit knows the reason for everything and the healing that needs to take place for its reversal.

“There is nothing challenge big enough for the love of creator to bring healing too. The key is not in how much we can tap into but in how much we are willing to receive” – Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian



Do I need to get a one on one healing before I can take the certification? Yes! You must book a healing with Katie prior to being eligible to take the Gateway Certification healing.

Do I need any previous knowledge or healing certifications like Reiki? No! You do not need any prior experience aside from having a one on one healing with Katie prior to the certification.



Spaces are limited. First come first serve

CERTIFICATION REFUND POLICY: If cancellation occurs 2-6 weeks before the program begins, there will be a 25% cancellation fee. If cancellation occurs within 2 weeks before the program begins, no refunds will be given.

Gateway Healing Certification
Level 1 Certification
Pice includes both days