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What can energy healing really DO?

A healing is a one on one session where you lie on a table and your practitioner with either a light touch or completely “hands-off” approach, transfers “healing energy” to you. Each session promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in your human energy field. The benefits of these healings happen on many levels: emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual. They can be intense, yet sometimes subtle, and though you may feel them right away, sometimes they show up after the session is over. What you receive is often exactly what you need and it will provide the most insightful benefit to you.


Healing Breathwork Circle


  • Helps manage stress and cope with stressful situations
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Increases mental clarity

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  • Increases intuition
  • Ignites spiritual evolution and personal growth
  • Balances energy
  • Enhances personal insight
  • Heals, balances, and clears chakras
  • Elevates life experiences
  • Supports development of personal essence/path/deepest intentions

Meditation Los Angeles | Meditation Classes Los Angeles


  • Relieves/reduces physical pain
  • Changes relationship with (chronic) pain
  • Releases deep, chronic muscle tension
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Heals physical injuries more quickly

No Fail Meditation


  • Brings a sense of peace, calmness, and overall emotional wellness
  • Heals and releases emotional wounds
  • Resolves/transforms relationships with problematic people or situations
  • Opens up blocked energy
  • Promotes a sense of grounding


The Den Meditation

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light-touch, hands-on therapy that helps your body self-correct and re-align from the inside out. You may feel a sensation of floating and letting go as your stress and tension melt away. Craniosacral work helps to reduce and eliminate pain/headaches, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve sleep. This treatment is performed fully clothed so you can move freely as your body starts to unwind.

Crystal Therapy

Relax while crystals and gemstones are placed on and around the physical body. Your practitioner works in a partnership with the stones to address any imbalances. Each stone has special healing properties which allow us to channel energy to amplify healing in the areas in which the body, mind, and spirit need it most.


During a Reiki session, a combination of sacred symbols and specific hand placements above one’s body serve as a channel for Universal Source Energy. Reiki draws from outside energy and this limitless energy can rebalance your chakras, release stress or trauma, and make you feel “lighter” overall. Enhance your Reiki healing with Sound Therapy for an even more immersive session.

Shamanic Healing

Practiced by Inca’s for thousands of years, Shamanic healing is entirely guided by an intuition that pulls in elemental forces to clear energetic blocks and extract unwanted harmful energies. A Shamanic healing session is a powerful experience that will leave you feeling grounded and empowered.

Sound Therapy

Using Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Rattles and sometimes a drum you will experience a vibrational healing which helps to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, physical pain, emotional trauma, PTSD and so much more. After a brief consultation, your practitioner will determine which of the above sound instruments are best suited for you. Sound healing activates higher states of consciousness and clarity.

Theta Healing

A deep meditation is performed to achieve the Theta brainwave state which makes it easier for a person to release and let go of limiting beliefs, past traumas, and harmful habits. Think of it as an intense Guided Meditation that enables us to reacquaint with our true power, divinity, and abilities.


The Den Meditation

Astrological Chart

A deep meditation is performed to achieve the Theta brainwave state which makes it easier for a person to release and let go of limiting beliefs, past traumas, and harmful habits. Think of it as an intense Guided Meditation that enables us to reacquaint with our true power, divinity, and abilities.


Tarot Reading is an intuitive oracle showing you what you need to see through a deck of transcendental visionary cards. Whatever question is brought to mind at the moment is answered through the order and placement of the cards. These cardsprovide a clear picture of the influences and potential outcomes.

Please email to schedule your healing session once purchased online.



  • 60 Mins: $125


  • 60 Mins: $125
    90 Mins: $175


  • 60 Mins: $125
    90 Mins (+ Sound): $175


  • 90 Minutes: $175


  • 30 Mins: $65
    60 Mins: $125
    90 Mins: $175


  • 60 Mins: $150
    90 Mins: $175



  • 30 Mins: $65
    60 Mins: $125
    90 Mins: $175


  • 30 Mins: $65
    60 Mins: $125
    90 Mins: $175

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“I’ve seen Mary, the Craniosacral Therapist, a few times now. Before my first session with her, I had expectations of what I thought a CST session would be like (basically a head massage), but this was nothing like what I had anticipated. When I entered the treatment room Mary greeted me with a warm smile and asked me about my intentions for our session. I’m generally a nervous person, but her presence put me at ease and made me comfortable enough to share the deeply personal struggles that brought me to her. I’ve seen many different energy healers with varying degrees of success and Mary is one of the best, and I think I’d attribute that to her non-passive treatments.”


Reiki healer Liz Hamsher is phenomenal. She’s a down-to-earth practitioner who emanates discernment and humility. Her hands are truly healing! She is knowledgeable about crystals and essential oils. She makes her own oils. Try Manifest, Amore, and Light of Night. She also makes astrology-based sprays. I have Fire! For fire signs. It’s yummy. All of them are wonderful, and I receive compliments on my “perfumes” all the time. Go see her for a session at The DEN!”

– DEB N.

“My Craniosacral Therapy session was a conversation with gentle physical manipulation for the entire hour. Mary laid her hands on major joints of my body, and with a gentle tilt of my limbs, she immediately connected to past experiences/emotions that I had been holding onto. She vocalized what she saw and occasionally asked me questions that got to the root of my trauma. With the subtlest of adjustments, I would burst into tears feeling tremendous releases. At one point, the top of my head began to tingle so much so, that it no longer felt like it was a part of my body. Mary assured me that it this was a good sign. The days following my treatment I felt lighter and more aware of how my body held experiences. It’s quite a feat to even exist in the world these days, but The DEN and Mary have created such a powerfully restorative place that even the darkest of days feel manageable.”


“Out in the world, I couldn’t quite get the support I needed to move through my challenges. But I knew I deserved to feel grounded again. My Shamanic session with Lotus did the trick. As Lotus worked, I could sense the spirit team she was assembling kick my inner roadblocks to the curb. And when I left my session, I still felt like I had positive forces helping me push through whatever obstacles came my way.”

– ROB B.