“Holiday Bliss & Joy at The DEN Meditation Center in Studio City!”

The DEN on Patch.com

“It’s that time of year where once again everyone’s in a quandary about how to handle holiday angst and the mishegas that accompanies the season. From dealing with family dynamics and dysfunction, to facing feelings of grief and depression, to illuminated issues of abandonment and worthlessness. Well search no more for a solution. I’ve found the most peaceful easy way to spend the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Now open in downtown Studio City, The DEN Meditation Center is heaven on earth, better than sex drugs n’ rock n’ roll, winning the lottery, or the man/woman of your dreams at your doorstep wrapped up in gorgeous ribbons and bows.

If you’ve never felt safe anywhere on the planet and are looking for a cozy comfy cuddly environment, the buck stops here. Even if you are secure with solitude and are simply seeking to expand your consciousness and awareness beyond imagination, this is your niche…”

The DEN on Patch.com

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