How A Silent Retreat Changed My Life Forever

The DEN on Well+Good

“I don’t often evangelize, especially when it comes to spiritual or wellness practices. This is due to the fact that despite being a person who writes about these things, Los Angeles’ trend-based culture around them sometimes makes me cringe. Not to digress but imagine, if you will, telling an intelligent woman about your period pain and having to subsequently sit through her monologue on the miraculous healing powers of a vaginal steam. This is my everyday life.

Today, however, circumstances require that I make an exception. Given that I promised my editor I’d write about the five days I spent at a silent mindfulness meditation retreat, and that the experience was actually—no hyperbole, I swear!—life-changing, I sort of have no choice but to preach. Here’s what went down.

I entered into the retreat—hosted by The DEN Meditation at a private residence in Ojai, California…”

"How A Silent Retreat Changed My Life Forever"

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